We are a group of researchers who take a social, cultural, political and ethical perspective on digital data, both ‘small’ or personal data and large or ‘big data’ sets. We bring together expertise across the social sciences, humanities and legal studies to engage in critical data studies. We are researching the following areas:

  • How people make sense of the personal data that digital devices collect about them
  • How they incorporate these data into their everyday lives
  • What people know about the other actors and agencies who are using their data
  • The sensory and affective aspects of digital data
  • Locative devices, mobilities and data
  • Data literacies
  • The implications of big data for humanities and social science research and practice
  • How big data are influencing ideas about the social and society
  • The politics of big and small data
  • The sociomaterial dimensions of digital data collection, storage and use
  • Dataveillance, data privacy and security issues
  • The legal and ethical issues around personal and big data, including human rights
  • Innovative methods for using and researching personal and big data

Contact: Deborah Lupton deborah.lupton@canberra.edu.au

Image credit: Photo from Charles Hutchins, shared on Flickr under a CC by 2.0 licence: