The Social Life of Data symposium


We held our first research symposium on 28 April 2017. Sixteen papers were presented by our members, with sessions chaired by the co-leaders of the DD&SC, Professors Deborah Lupton, Deb Verhoeven and Sarah Pink.


Panel 1

9:30 Data-driven governance and resistance: the case of speed enforcement, Gavin J.D. Smith (ANU) & Pat O’Malley (ANU)

9:50 Big Data and the Visuality of Justice, Janet Chan (UNSW)

10:10 The politics of data storage in Singapore, Tanya Notley (UWS)

10:30 The Social Life of Performance Data: of audit trails and governing professionals, Paul Henman (UQ)

10:50 Panel Q & A

11:10 – 11:25 Morning Break

Panel 2

11:30 Locating responsibility for data, Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW)

11:50 More than Social: The Social Life of Data and its more-than-human counterparts, Larissa Hjorth (RMIT), Ingrid Richardson (Murdoch University) and Yolande Strengers (RMIT)

12:10 Ethics, evidence and the smartphone in a digital world: challenges and solutions for managing data lifespan and access, Adrian G. Dyer, Jair E. Garcia, Detlef Rohr, Edgar Gomez Cruz, Marta Poblet Balcell (RMIT)

12:30 Conceptualising information fluency, Sora Park (UC)

12:50 Panel Q & A

13:10 – 13:55 Lunch Break

Panel 3

14:00 Photos should be made mandatory: risk and intimacy in social data cultures, Kath Albury (UNSW)

14:20 Vernacular Data Cultures in Mobile Dating and Hookup Apps, Jean Burgess (QUT)

14:40 Dating and Hook-up Apps and the Circumvention of Location, Rowan Wilken (RMIT)

13:00 Time to get tricky? The promises and pitfalls of data obfuscation, Neil Selwyn (MU) & Luci Pangrazio (DU)

15:20 Panel Q & A

15:40 – 15: 50 Afternoon Break

Panel 4

15:50 Shifting perspectives: Learning from or knowing with personal data? Vaike Fors (Halmstad University, Sweden)

16:10 From parents to nudges: reflections on smart authorities, Martin Berg (Malmö University, Sweden)

16:30 Data Publics: Extracting Social Value from Facebook Page Data, Anthony McCosker (SUT)

16:50 Big Data and the Future of Audience Research, Adrian Athique (UQ)

17:10 Panel Q & A

17:30 Close