Other academic groups

Data & Society Research Institute, New York City

Digital Ethics Lab, Oxford University

Leeds Critical Data Studies Group

Auditing Algorithms Group

Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University

Data Materiality, Birbeck, University of London

Our Data Bodies

Border Quants

Vitalities Lab


Big Data & Society

Learning and teaching

The thirteen Ps of big data (blog post)

Metaphors of big data (blog post)

Special issue of Discover Society on big data

Visions of an all-seeing, all-knowing politics (blog post)

Why is everyone talking about algorithms? (blog post)

Media Manipulation And Disinformation Online (syllabus)

Critical Algorithm Studies reading list 

Algorithmic Governance symposium essays

Code-dependent: pros and cons of the algorithm age (Pew Center report)

How to see what the Internet knows about you (and how to stop it) (New York Times article)

Surveillance culture (documentary)

Take This Lollipop (tool for users to see how Facebook uses their data)

Toward ethical, transparent and fair AI/ML: a critical reading list

Data Stories (podcast series)

Algorithmic Accountability: A Primer (report)

A People’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (free booklet)

The Wired Guide to Your Personal Data (And Who Is Using It)


The Black Box Society


The Data Revolution

“Raw Data” is an Oxymoron

Big Data, Little Data, No Data

Beautiful Data

Data, Now Bigger and Better!

Weapons of Math Destruction

The Big Data Agenda (OA)

Algorithms of Oppression

Automating Inequality

Good Data (OA)


IEEE Advancing Technology for Technology – Ethically Aligned Design Version 2

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Huni (Humanities Networked Infrastructure)

Kinomatics (data about the creative industries)

Data Ethnographies Lab

Seeing Data blog

Big Data & Society blog

Future of Privacy Forum

Digital rights and privacy organisations (Australia)

Digital Rights Watch

Australian Privacy Foundation

Electronic Frontiers Australia

Artists and critical designers working on relevant topics

Autonomous Tech Fetish

Max Dovey

Dear Data

Lucy Kimbell

Thecla Schiphorst

Institute of Human Obsolescence

Tom O’Dea

Erica Scouti

Critical Interface Politics Research Group

Tega Brain

Pip Thornton

Data Materialities

Melanie Gilligan

Mitchell Whitelaw

David Benque

Zach Blas

James Bridle

Laurie Frick

Ted Hunt

Poetry in Data

Data Cuisine

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Grow Your Own: Life After Nature (exhibition)


Benjamin Grosser



Ellie Harrison

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Julian Oliver

Gordan Savicic

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